Social media monitoring which is part of online reputation management (ORM) plays a crucial part in internet marketing and social media marketing strategies. Social media monitoring also plays a vital role in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of your overall campaign.

A proper social media marketing (SMM) campaign should always be planned and created around your business objectives and goals. Here’s key points we are using when creating a social media strategy:

Creating a social media strategy

  • Planning
  • Designing your path (What is our goals?)
  • Execution (Who will be responsible for what?)
  • Review and measurement (Success indicators)

A social media marketing campaign takes time to show tangible results. One should always have some clarity in what needs to be done. Measure the engagement, collaboration and plan the next step.

Social media measurement

Social media (Web 2.0) is not just about the traffic or conversations that you get on selected social media profiles.  Always make sure that you measure the conversations and the influencers that are part of your campaign. You can also measure the provoking level of involvement, influence and interaction your social media campaign creates with targeted prospects. To get the best picture of the results, make sure you are measuring your campaign with website analytics.

There’s a couple of free and paid tools available online that you can use to actively monitor your social media campaign online. Even though some of these tools are quite expensive, most of the free ones available will give you insight into your campaign.  An excellent tool that we often use with many more features than just brand monitoring is Netvibes. This is a free tool with a paid option where you can get more features.

Failure or success with your campaign depends on the engagement level that you are able to create in better understanding your efforts and this can all be seen by measuring your campaign.

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