A single page website (SPW), also known as a parallax scrolling website, is one where all the content exists on a long, single page for visitors to scroll though. No tabs, no multiple pages. While there are some advantages to this type of website, the biggest disadvantage is that it’s bad for SEO. Here’s why:

Scrolling through a SPW can take your readers on a journey and is great for an image-heavy website. It’s perfect for mobile users, who are an increasingly large segment of internet users. They have flare, since they’re pretty uncommon and give designers more room for creativity.

However, they’re not great for blog-centred websites. They also take longer to load, because of all the content and images being on one page. It also makes it hard for people to share your content. Another disadvantage is that it’s difficult for you to identify which parts of your website people are attracted to – one URL means your analytics report won’t be able to tell you much.

And the biggest of all, it’s not great for SEO. Each page of a website can be optimized for different keywords. With there being a limit to how many keywords (some believe that it’s only one keyword phrase) you can target on a single page, a SPW makes SEO a waste of time.

It also means you have only one set of Meta Data. With only one vital title tag and one meta description, you don’t have much to lure customers to your page. In addition, squashing a lot of images, text and videos into a single page will mean that you’ll have a page that takes a while to load. Google hates heavy pages.

Obviously, with no internal pages you’ll have no opportunity for links, which can be a rich source of SEO keywords or phrases. It’s unlikely you’d want to put many, if any, external links into your single page as you don’t want to detract from your business. Once again, Google hates a silo site.

So, unless most of your business comes from word-of-mouth referrals and your website is essentially just a business card, it’s best to steer away from the single page website.

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