Quick Response (QR) codes have started to gain popularity in social media as smartphones have become the go-to device for social media consumers. This mobile tool is highly relevant, allowing businesses to have an instant connection with consumers via an easily downloaded mobile app.

These barcode-like codes can contain any information that can be accessed via the internet, from business cards, brochures and emails, to product details for online shopping, promotions and other marketing gimmicks.

Social networks and QR codes are highly compatible, allowing you to sync content and responses over several platforms including Facebook and Twitter. This content can also be updated, as QR codes can be accessed and changed online, so your QR consumers can access fresh, regular information about your product.

In-store QR codes are a great base for incentivising consumers as they can be linked to competitions and freebies in return for Facebook “likes” or any other social network sharing. In this way, walk in customers are incentivised to publish your content to all their contacts for a relatively small return.

Location-based social networking is an important trend on social networks and QR codes can be created to tap into this. By simply scanning a QR code at a restaurant or shop, customers can let all their friends on social networks know where they are and what they are doing, and placing your brand or product in the spotlight at the same time.

You can use a tool such as QR Code Generator to create your QR codes.

What QR codes can do for your brand

  • Quick, easy mobile communication between your brand and your target consumer
  • Communicate a wide variety of updatable content to users
  • Connect through QR codes to your social network contents, enhancing your social media presence
  • Incentivise walk-in customers to share social media content through competitions and freebies
  • Tap into the location-based social networking trends

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