Gone are the days of spammy backlinks that penalise your website. We still, however, need to build up the backlinks from somewhere as part of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and this is where PR comes in.

Digital PR is all about building relationships with your brand, digital influencers, press publications and bloggers. Your main goal should be targeting your content towards highly credible online platforms.

Not only does digital PR amplify and promote your digital content, but it also:

  • Helps drive traffic to your website,
  • Increases brand awareness online, and
  • It helps you connect with more people online.

Digital PR isn’t only about the links though. A good SEO strategy will help make sure that your website is seen as credible and authoritative on search engine results. Therefore, any mentions or citations on a credible website will help you get those rankings.

Many times, companies have content marketing strategies and SEO strategies, but they don’t always consider how PR can slot into these elements. If you are able to break news in some way, you will be able to get authorities’ backlinks to your site. The news in your press releases doesn’t necessarily have to be new innovations at your company, you could simply choose to provide a local opinion on global trends, or give a comment about how something in the economy may affect your industry in future.

If you need help with your PR, content marketing or SEO strategy, then get in touch with WSI OMS today.

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