With layoffs and downsizing happening frequently in the media industry, more and more journalists are taking up a career in copywriting. Being able to create quality content is a must-have trait for copywriters, and journalists have the knowledge and the know-how to communicate clearly and effectively through considered, skilled writing. If the trend continues, we’ll continue to see content marketing companies hiring journalists.

Journalists are often excellent at copywriting because:

  • They can communicate a variety of messages in a short space. Journalists are used to working under strict word counts and space constraints, which means they understand how to communicate meaningfully without being too wordy. The average person’s attention span is quite short, so if you aren’t upfront in reaching out to them with your message, they may lose interest and go elsewhere.
  • Journalists can explain complex ideas and concepts in lay terms. You don’t want visitors to your website to get confused by paragraphs full of industry jargon. You need your content to be easily read, easily understood and relatable. Journalists are experienced in taking what can be confusing content and re-writing it in a way that almost anyone can understand.
  • Most journalists are already familiar with the social media landscape. Chances are you don’t just need copywriting for press releases and articles, but for your blog and other social media pages as well. Many journalists have an established social media presence so they understand how to create targeted content and how to market it effectively.
  • Journalists already have an excellent grasp of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Being able to write using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is a necessary skill for being a journalist, and it’s also a necessary skill for a professional copywriter. You can’t be publishing content that contains errors, as it reduces your credibility and can make you look unprofessional.

Although some journalists are struggling to keep the profession alive, many are finding second careers in the copywriting industry. It gives them an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to generate meaningful content.

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