There is a lot of writing happening in the world of branding and creating one’s brand personality. The importance of creating a brand personality is to set your brand apart from the rest, and the easiest way of accomplishing that is to write about it on a website or blog.

That’s the relatively easy part of copywriting – where it gets difficult is when you have to proofread your work to make sure of your spelling, grammar, word choice, tone etc. You become immune to your own mistakes because your brain reads what you intended to write and doesn’t pick up those little errors you might have made.

Spelling is a regular problem as your brain can read a word even if it is spelt incorrectly, provided the misspelt contains all the letters of the correctly spelt word – tihs is an exalpme of hwo yuor biran can raed words even thgouh tehy are slpet inocrrelcty .

Tips to check your work – follow these proofreading tips

Here are some copywriting tips to make proofreading a little easier:

  • Check homophones: It is very easy to write down the homophone for the word you actually wanted to write, example “weight” for “wait” or vice versa. Remember that a spell checker won’t pick up on this.
  • Read it out aloud: It is always a good idea to hear what you have written, whether you or a friend read it aloud. Hearing copy makes it easier to pick up mistakes.
  • Read backwards: An unconventional, but effective method, reading your work backwards helps you focus on the words so it’s easier to notice any errors.
  • Sleep on it: A good method to try is to allow your writing to sit a while before going back to check it. It helps to check your work with fresh eyes.

These tips, few of many, can help make proofreading a bit easier!


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