Groupon is the key to establishing brand awareness.¬† The principle of Groupon is to entice thousands of customers with a “deal of the day.” ¬†Marketing through Groupon is done in such a way that consumers feel it costs them more money “not” to purchase the deal.

We all know what it feels like to want something that is not within our budget. When something you desire suddenly becomes available at half the price, you’re going to jump at it.

Groupon works to retain clients, they target young, educated consumers who aren’t shy to return and spend more.

Groupon has sold more than 400 million “deals of the day.” This “deal of the day” principle has worked by enticing thousands of new customers and has transformed the way local businesses promote products and services online.

What should I offer as a deal?

The type of deal will depend on what the market is craving. Restaurants usually offer a certain amount of food at half price, whilst salons will bundle a few treatments together; a resort that offered a free cooking class sold 500 offers.

Success Story

Tasleem Bapoo is owner and stylist of Dash Hair and Beauty salon in Newlands, Claremont. She started her business four years ago and her first deal was done through Groupon. She says she is still enjoying retainer business from that first deal, as well as new referrals. It was money well spent.

Allow Groupon to help you sell an under-utilised service and move slow inventory. Drive traffic to your website. Marketing sites will help you structure the best possible deal.

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