Are you having problems with the scheduling and posting of new tweets? It is really time consuming to keep many windows open at the same time in order to stay on top of different social media channels.  If these are some of the problems you are facing then I suggest you have a look at the Hootsuite social media dashboard.  This could be the answer you have been waiting for.

You no longer have to launch Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn every time you want to post or just read what others are saying. The Hootsuite dashboard allows you to schedule Facebook posts, tweets, Foursquare posts, link existing RSS feeds that you have and tweet them, etc.  You can also manage multiple twitter accounts and track tweet statistics.  This allows having multiple editors on one account.

Hootsuite comes with a range of features designed to help you get things done easier.  Here’s a couple of the features.

Hootsuite features

  • Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets you want to publish for multiple Twitter accounts.  You can submit scheduled tweets in bulk format directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • The Hootlet feature on Hootsuite gives you the ability to share interesting things that you find on the web with other people and scheduled tweets.  You can add an icon to your browser that you can click when you want to share something interesting.
  • You can edit your Facebook posts, Foursquare posts and your Tweets.
  • You can prepare tweets with certain relevant words eg: “News” or “New blog post”, giving you the added benefit of promoting your blog.
  • Automatically shorten long URL’s.  This services gives you much better stats on who clicks your links on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Hootsuite provides stats on the popular tweets you have made and it provides insights on influential users that have retweeted your posts.
  • The mobile apps of Hootsuite allows you to access Hootsuite on your iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Hootsuite membership

Hootsuite comes with three member levels which includes two paid ones and a free one.  Hootsuite Pro gives you unlimited stat history, unlimited account connections, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and the ability to bring in a collaborative parter. For $5.99 a month, the Pro Hootsuite level is extremely affordable for all the features available.

The Enterprise level costs $1,499 a month and comes with VIP support and setup, the ability to add up to 30 team members, enhanced analytics, ten free reports and access for ten people to the certification program.

All the features on Hootsuite will save you precious time and therefore in our industry, it’s a must have solution that will be appreciated by any busy business or avid social media marketer.

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