For a couple of years now, popular Web 2.0 channels such as Twitter and Facebook has been contending for the number one social network spot. With the arrival of the newest contender “Google+”, this new network has also joined the battle. While Twitter and Facebook differs in services and Facebook has the most members, which one do you use the most for your social media marketing campaign? Do you use both of these networks the same way? 

In my opinion, you won’t always share the same content across multiple platforms so for the last couple of years, Twitter and Facebook has been battling for supremacy, constantly releasing new features, speed of sharing, ease of use, and buying and making deals to better their services to their members.

Social network sharing problem

Twitter and Facebook share a similar problem with their method of content sharing. When you share a new update on Facebook, only your network can see it or people that you specify.  In recent Facebook changes, you can now select who views your “status update” when posting a new item.  This is very similar to Google+ and it’s definitely one of the best features of this network, but does it help at all?  What if I want to share with people I haven’t met yet, but have similar interests as me? The only way I can do that is if I physically met them and added them to my network.

On Twitter, If I post a new message, it is out there in the public.  Anyone can see what I have posted (depending on my privacy settings).  I am really not so keen on sharing my latest holiday photos with complete strangers that I don’t know on Twitter. I feel that it is this space that both of these networks are still lacking in sharing options.

Google+ to the rescue

With Google+, you can choose which of your Circles you have added people to can view your updates.  You can also choose what permissions these people in your circles have on what they can do with your content. If you added someone to one of your Circles on Google+, they don’t have to add you too. This works just like an un reciprocated follow on Twitter that you can see these peoples posts.

From an internet marketing perspective – grouping people together and sharing content with these selected people helps with targeting. Even though it is a risky game for Google to move into social networks once again, I believe Google has hit the middle ground perfectly with their sharing features.  I really hope that Google+ will stick around.

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