Today we have a guest blog from Emily Roberts. Emily is based in the UK and operates within Finance, but is also a tech writer and has written a blog fro WSI OMS on Google+ ranking and site promotion – Francois Muscat

Why Google+ ranking is important for your site promotion  

In order to get good ranking for your website on search engine result pages, it is important that Google crawls and indexes your website accurately. As Google+ is a part of webmaster Google, which has launched its own social networking site there must me advantages to having your business on Google+.

  • Source: Authorship is given to the user for writing content on respective social media sites. A Google profile can be created by the author by adding all the details and a profile picture at the end of the post (Author Bio). Your profile can then be linked to your Google+ account. 
  • Content the King: If you are writing good content, promote it on Google+ so that other users can see your profile, +1, share and give recommendations. This can also increase your site traffic, which in turn increases the ratings. If your readers like what you write they may add you in their circles.
  • Recommendation: If you are recommended, it is because people like and would like to share your content. That will surely help your ranking in search results. When a +1 button is used many times on your site, it increases search results. The latest+1 button from Google is an additional feature. See that the installation is done on your home page and other individual pages, such as on your blog. Google offers the code for various sized buttons.
  • Complete profile page: Google prioritises different areas of the user’s profile as it determines the effects of search engine results. See that your profile is at 100% complete.
  • Online reviews: Reviews always play a crucial role. Here, the ranking algorithms is important. Encourage clients to rate your business on Google+ or on Google Places if you are registered on Google Places

Google+ thinks about people, the more you use it, the more you are benefitted. Why not get started on Google+?

About the Guest Author: 

Emily Roberts is a tech writer from UK.  She is into Finance, focusing on  ppi claims . Follow her on Twitter @financeport

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