Most web surfers are not interested in reading lengthy essays – they prefer scanning websites for the information they are looking for. Website copywriting should be concise and easy to read. Your reader’s time is limited so make sure your website is easy to navigate.

Tips to write effective web copy

It is easy to say and understand that you need to change your copy in order to be more web friendly. But often you have no idea how to write effective web copy. Here are a few tips for you to get you on your way to writing excellent web copy.

  • Master the basics: Change your copy for the web if the original copy is already badly written, does not achieve the intended goal, or is too long. Make sure your website visitor knows exactly what your article is about by glancing at the page. Also make sure your writing style is consistent throughout.
  • Using headlines and subheads: The first thing your reader looks at is the headline of your web pages. It needs to capture their attention and tell them exactly what to expect. Use concise paragraphs with appropriate subheads to guide your reader to the specific information they are looking for.
  • Writing for your audience: With website copywriting it is essential to write for your target audience. Most likely the person reading your information is interested in your product or service, so write in a language that they understand.
  • Write search engine friendly copy: There is no point in having the most informative website if nobody can find it. Good website copywriting should include keywords and phrases in your headlines and body copy that makes it easy to search for in most search engines.
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