Content, in its many forms – blogs, videos, infographics – has exponential value that many marketers don’t know about. When you think about the channels you use to get to the content, it could be through search engines, social networks or links from other websites, yet, when asked, a lot of people dismiss using these channels, because they underestimate the different ways that content is consumed.

When asked outright, many people will say they don’t use social media at all, or never read blogs and therefore don’t think about using these channels for their content marketing. They say they use search engines to find what they need, but the reality is, they may be directed to a social media platform or blog post on the way – so they do use these channels, but unknowingly.

There are enormous opportunities for corporates or businesses who still insist on old marketing methods, like cold calling, traditional advertising and direct mailing. People may say they never read blogs or interact with social media, but everyone uses Google or other search engines, which will inevitably take them to a YouTube video or social media post at some point.

Reaching out to a business network for advice, will most often involve email or a social network like LinkedIn. Many answers contain links to companies and products, or links to interesting and relevant blog posts. Diminishing the value of using social media as part of a content marketing campaign is both short-sited and outdated.

Business communities established on social platforms like Twitter offer tremendous marketing opportunities. Your content can benefit from the comments you receive when posting in a community; feedback you would not necessarily get through more traditional marketing channels.

Using a variety of social media channels to share your content allows you to share it more than once, increasing its reach. You are likely to get more traffic to your site as a result of a more widespread content sharing campaign.

Make your carefully crafted content work for you – harness its hidden value by expanding the channels you use and you could see an increase in traffic to your site. For more on content marketing and how to release its full potential, contact us – let us help you communicate with your customers on a deeper level.

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