You email subscription list is not only valuable for your digital marketing strategy, it’s vital to ensure achievement of your core business objectives. However, regardless of how well you plan and execute your email marketing efforts, you will use subscribers over time, which may leave you stumped, wondering what you could be doing wrong.

The length of your email list is affected by two main factors, the number of people that are added to the list and the number of those who fall out (list churn). People may fall out of your list for very many reasons, a lot of which don’t have anything to do with you.

There’s a lot about list churn that is beyond your control. However, there’s a special category of people you still hold some sway over: the ones who are considering unsubscribing but haven’t done so yet. Here are a few examples and how to treat them.

Emotionally unsubscribed people

There are two ways people unsubscribe to emails: manually unsubscribing and simply falling inactive. The latter group simply stop clicking/opening emails, or programming spam to automatically send the mail to the spam/bulk folder. Some may want to read them but lack time, so they create a subfolder for your emails, but never get to them.

It’s a lot of work to re-engage a disengaged subscriber, but you can initiate a campaign that might see you win as many as 20% back. The best you can do is to improve your mobile marketing and digital marketing strategies to ensure they don’t disengage in the first place.

Managing manual unsubscribes

You can actually do more for those who unsubscribe manually than you can for those who just become disinterested. The first step is to ask why they are unsubscribing. You can use a survey as they’re leaving, or simply take any of the below reasons that are applicable to you.

  • Sending emails too often
  • Sending emails too infrequently
  • Sending overly promotional emails
  • Sending irrelevant emails
  • Sending emails that don’t add value
  • Sending emails that are not optimized for mobile viewing

These reasons cause many subscribers to drift off, but they have easy solutions. Once you determine the reason for your clients’ unsubscriptions, even if you don’t win them back, you can re-engineer your strategy to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes with the new subscribers you earn every month.

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