When it comes to email marketing, list segmenting is vitally important. There are various ways you can categorise your email subscribers as follows:

  • Demographics.
  • Consumers who have completed purchases with you in the past.
  • Consumers who have expressed an interest in your business.
  • Pages visited on your website after clicking through.

By segmenting these individuals into categories, you can send a different pitch or advertising message to each. Customising the content sent to each category will be the perfect way to appeal to the group’s specific interests. Creating lists and categories is one thing, but truly ensuring your various category subscribers get what they need after clicking on a link in your email, requires different landing pages to be created.

Segmenting email subscribers and creating separate landing pages offers the following benefits:

  • Easy way to generate leads and track their responses.
  • Each offer will have its own “home”.
  • Effectively collect data on prospect’s demographics
  • Gain more insight into engagement expectations of prospects.
  • Effectively learn which of the offers you have running are the most effective.

You should target your list segments according to demographics, stage in the purchase cycle and what products and services interest them.

A basic landing page should have a clear call to action, offer something of value to the reader, a list of brief benefits of the product or service on offer, an effective headline and be designed with a layout which will correctly display on various mobile devices.

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