In the world of content marketing, success is all about search engine rankings and results. Consumers need to be able to find you and yours when they search keywords related to your business and the best way to ensure they find you is to gain a place in that top 10 list of search engine results.

Google Authorship is a brilliant asset to your content marketing strategy as it provides a means for connecting and promoting content on search results pages. Just as unique, quality content will get you better rankings, content that is written by credible authors is given higher priority, but Google Authorship is so much more than that.

Digital marketing benefits of Google Authorship

  • Attention grabbing. Google+ became an identity platform used to identify and verify authors as well as allow them the opportunity to manage their personas and establish their credibility as an author. Search results that possess an image as well as the byline (both features of Google authorship) attract more attention and are likely to get more clicks.
  • Identify quality content. Aside from getting a byline and picture in search results, authorship allows Google to distinguish between quality, human-created, SEO content and content that is not up to par, allowing it to prioritise accordingly.
  • Add value to your content. In an effort to stamp out spam and anonymity, Authorship is the connection between Google+ profiles and content. Google wants to be sure you are a real person willing to put your name at risk for the content you share.
  • Competitive advantage. No matter how small your business is, Google Authorship automatically gives your content higher credibility than that of your competitors who do not have it. This is a great way to help newer and smaller businesses get a strong foothold in the market.
  • Future of search. Going forward, information that is linked to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content which is lacking this verification. The cost of remaining anonymous in the future could be irrelevant.

This is an age where quality is trumping quantity at every turn and businesses need to get on the quality content bandwagon or risk disappearing from the sight of valuable consumers. At WSI OMS, we offer a range of digital marketing solutions guaranteed to get your business noticed in all the right ways. To learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, as well as the ins and outs of content marketing, contact us today.

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