Are you considering incorporating a chatbot in your website design? This isn’t a tool that is only useful for large financial institutions and insurance companies. Here are the top three reasons why a chatbot should be part of your website design:

  1. Free Up Your Customer Service Resources

Many brick-and-mortar stores have a ‘returns’ desk and most service and products providers have a call centre that manages queries from customers. How much of these resources will you free up if your customers are able to get their questions answered by a chatbot? Many business owners will argue that their clients want their queries and issues to be solved by a real person, but this often isn’t the case. What people want is for their questions to be answered swiftly and promptly, and a chatbot is your 24/7 customer service agent.

  1. Personalised Responses

Thanks to machine learning, chatbots can be designed and developed to give people very personalised responses. Many times, people mistakenly believe they are chatting with a real person. While the idea isn’t to mislead anyone, you can ensure that customers are being helped in a conversational, individualised way thanks to Natural Language Processing.

  1. Gain Actionable Business Insights

With chatbots, you will have digital assistants who are gathering huge amounts of data about your customers. You will be able to pick up on trends and issues in real time, gain actionable insights, and incorporate these insights into your business strategy and digital marketing strategy.

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