Your social media marketing (SMM) campaign’s strategy should always be tied in with your business marketing and communication strategy. An SMM campaign should never be based only on the available Web 2.0 channels that you are going to use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to name but a few. There are thousands of these channels available and it’s an absolute must that you understand the usage of these channels and their functionality. Some of these channels only cater for a certain audience and type of conversation so it is best to analyze the ones you are going to use before you start with your campaign.

There are many different social media channels that might be useful to your business. The most familiar ones that you might already know about is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and Digg to name but a few.

Publicity through Web 2.0 has many advantages. Many of these Web 2.0 channels has millions of users providing companies with instant access to large, specific demographic and targeted groups of interests. How do you choose which channels to use in your campaign?

Which channels to choose from

Most of the popular social media channels are free to use such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These channels already feature an infrastructure and they don’t require any development or technical knowledge for the people using them.

When you are in the process of planning your social media strategy, study and research all the available channels that you will be using. Find below a couple of questions that you can ask yourself when you are planning your social media campaign.

  • Will you be using a blog to get the word out about your company?
  • Which social bookmarking channels are you going to use?
  • If you are going to use video, which video sharing channels will you be using?
  • On which channels can you find your targeted audience?
  • What is the objective with this campaign? What do you want to achieve?
  • Do you only want to build trust and credibility? Brand authority?
  • Will you be monitoring your campaign?

Once again, there are thousands of social media channels that you can use in your social media marketing campaign. Research and plan your strategy first before jumping onto the social media bandwagon.

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