Social media marketing can almost be found everywhere on the web can it can be a bit confusing for a small business owner to start using social media to increase their brand awareness. Most of the time people are only focusing on one or two social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook because they are the biggest. There are thousands of social media channels available that you can use and while you won’t be able to use them all effectively, which ones are you going to use?

Before you start interacting with your social media marketing campaign, it is important that you first identify where your potential customers are. Facebook and Twitter is not always the right choice for every business. The social media channels that you use will all depend on who you want to reach with your campaign.

Other social media channels

Never start your campaign by looking at only the big social media channels that you can use. Forums and blog are most likely the most underused channels that can be extremely powerful to connect with others. Do a bit of research and gain some insight what people are currently talking about regarding your business or services. This can help you generate content that you can share with your audience. Also, look at popular blogs in your market niche. This can also be a strategy to write guest posts to increase your exposure.

Other social media channels that you can also look at includes Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube for videos. Don’t focus on only one social media channel because you are then spreading yourself very thin on the social web. Get the balance right on who you want to target and you will find that your exposure to potential prospects will be positive, and the amount of targeted visitors to your website will increase.

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