Link tracking tools let you take a long hyperlink and change it to a display URL that you share. These tools are critical for measuring your success on all kinds of platforms. If you want to make it easier to track the ROI of your social media and your emails, you have to start using a link shortener.


Link tracking software not only lets you track clicks, but it also lets you add parameters to your tracking and measurement. You can create unique URLs and shorten them to a more aesthetically pleasing, short URL so that you’re not sharing bulky, extra-long URLs online.


Long, unique URLs are often a part of a marketing strategy because it allows niche Google Analytic tracking on your website. You could learn where your customers come from and what type of content is popular with them. It is also a great way to gain insights about how your customers interact with your social media and to determine whether or not your campaigns are making money.


There are a few different link shorteners that you can use. For social media sharing, for example, Bitly is a free solution that is truly all about shortening. When you’re constricted with characters, Bitly is an awesome piece of technology to use, but you can’t go back and edit the URL once it has been created. Another option that is similar to Bitly is TinyURL, which does the same thing. ClickMeter is a tool that you can use to shorten email links. With ClickMeter, you can go back and change the URL after it has been created.


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