If you’re relooking your social media strategy, you’ve undoubtedly considered (or at least heard of) Pinterest. The website recently received USD$2-million in funding, which boosted the site’s worth to a staggering USD$2.5-billion. The number of users, however, remains the most impressive, with over 25 million “pinners” signing up to add and share pictures on the website.

The one thing that Pinterest doesn’t have is a revenue model – but this doesn’t mean that many brands and companies aren’t making money off this site. Most marketers know that you can’t use social media to hard-sell your products and Pinterest is no different. The companies and brands that are successful on Pinterest are using this platform to drive traffic to their websites, encourage sharing among pinners and social media engagement. It is for this reason that “social media success” needs to be defined differently on this website.

While almost any type of company can be successful on Pinterest (if they’re creative about creating intriguing boards and sharable pictures), the top categories at the moment are “Food and Drink” followed by “DIY and Crafts”. If your brand sells anything that you can relate to recipes, decorating, cooking or crafts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have already kick-started your Pinterest social media strategy.

One of the most important tips that we give companies is to include descriptions in their images. Even though most people simply browse and share images, they still need to know what your picture is all about, so get creative when adding descriptions to your pictures.

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