When referring to a landing page, this means the page a visitor arrives at after clicking on an advert. Inexperienced marketers will direct all their PPC traffic to their homepage, but this can be a mistake. Having landing pages tailored to different offers can be just the thing to provide a quality experience for your visitors and to drive conversions.

Great landing pages that convert, have a number of traits in common. While some of these tips may seem obvious, results don’t lie, so let’s look at some pointers:

  • The best landing pages are short and sweet, containing the necessary information but not overwhelming the visitor with endless detail. Give the audience the essential information to pique their interest.
  • They provide high quality content that inspires trust. Good, relevant and useful content goes a long way with new visitors.
  • Good landing pages make conversion easy, with as few barriers between arriving and buying as possible. If forms are required, make them simple and user-friendly. If it’s a download, make the button obvious.
  • Don’t skimp on design. The information architecture is vital – you need simple and obvious navigation, with nothing coming between the visitor and the conversion.
  • Calls to action are clear as a bell, telling your visitors exactly what to do and how to do it. Use action words to encourage clicking!
  • Landing pages need eye catching headlines, with sub-headlines for more explanation. The copy below that should be engaging, aiming to reach the visitor on a personal level.
  • Use video where appropriate – if you can provide information and entertainment at the same time, you’re in business!
  • Landing pages should be able to convince the user to stay on your page in under 8 seconds. You only have their quick glance, so use colours and fonts that grab the attention.
  • Use quality images that emphasise your offering; this will create a better experience overall.
  • Make sure the landing page uses the same keywords from the PPC ad text – you don’t want your visitor to think they’ve landed on the wrong page. Give them what they came for and don’t make them hunt for the product in the ad.
  • Show testimonials from happy customers: word-of-mouth has always been a driving force of success.
  • Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly – this can double your conversions.
  • Landing pages that are slow to load are one of the biggest reasons for bounce rates, so keep your images realistic sizes and use a speedy web host.

If your landing pages are a little lacking, contact us for some assistance. We are digital marketing experts and can help get your online marketing strategy back on track!

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