Various social media aspects should be included in your website design in order to keep your customers engaged. The typical business model follows a simple pattern which includes finding the customer, engaging the customer, selling products and then keeping the relationship healthy and beneficial to both parties thereafter. How your consumers find your website is important and without relevant and valuable content, they simply never would. Websites are ranked on search engine results according to the content which is included on them. The more relevant and valuable content you have, the better your chances are of getting listed in the best results on Google and other search engine results. Below are some things you should consider including in your website design which will help with engagement:

  • Product care and how to information – if your products require special instructions for use and care, make sure this information is made available on your website. Create content the consumer will find helpful and assist them with enjoying the product better.
  • Offer apps – if you have a mobile app or have access to one that complements your product or services, offer download links for the app on your website. You can even chat to a professional developer about having your own dedicated app created.
  • Upload videos – consumers love to watch quick videos which could help them to understand, use and enjoy their products more. In fact, many consumers prefer to watch videos over reading lengthy content. Make your videos brief, informative and interesting. Don’t forget to include social share buttons and links so that they can share the video to various social media platforms.

Engaging website design services from WSI

At WSI we provide the market with professional and effective website design services. We understand just how to engage with your target audience and will present you with viable online marketing strategies and ideas to consider for your website and business. In addition to website design we also offer content marketing, search marketing, email marketing and various other forms of digital marketing services for you to consider.

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