Blogging is a powerful way to get your business noticed online.  Blogging opens up a whole new realm than you would find with just a normal website. Blogging is part of the social media marketing sphere as engagement is encouraged with blogging. With internet marketing, the call to action (CTA) and promoting your services or products is the name of the game.  With Blog marketing, the goal is to engage, interact and converse with targeted visitors.

Since the goals with blogging are so very different from traditional internet marketing, what results can your business expect from regularly posting fresh and unique blog posts?

Optimized blogging strategy results

New visitors: Interesting blog posts can reach new readers that are interested in your services or products.  These readers are usually different from the ones reading traditional advertising or even your business website.

Build a network: You can build up brand recognition and authority for your company by regular writing interesting blog posts. You can build a strong following of readers who will know and understand what you stand for and who you are.

Engagement: Your blog can build a market for your services or products by getting potential customers to understand how your services or products can solve any problems they might have. Give case stories of how your services are used and open up the comment section on your blog posts.  If your content is interesting and your readers find it useful, they might leave a comment and start engaging with you.

Communication: Keep the lines of communication open between your customers and your company.  Customer service blogs enable the flow of conversation to travel in both directions and it can alert you to any issues your customers might have. This is an excellent way to listen to the queries your customers might have.

Website rankings: Your blog can generate regular new keyword rich articles.  Attract Google’s interest by carefully using keywords and keyword phrases in the headlines of your blog posts. Using keywords in the text of your links is a powerful method to increase your website rankings.

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