By posting relevant good content on your blog, you will get your business noticed online.  Blogging can build trust and credibility and it opens up a new realm to what you will find with a normal website.  With a blog, you are the expert in your field.  The goal with a blog is to engage and interact with your visitors.

Even though you should have goals and a solid plan with your blog, it can be a bit different to the goals that you have with your website.   Find below a couple of points on what you can expect with a successful blog.

You can reach new readers

Your blog can reach new readers and targeted visitors by placing your content right in front of them.  This can all be done via the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed linked to your blog.   The new visitors and readers browsing your blog is usually different to those reading traditional advertising or even your website.

Be followed

You can build trust and credibility as stated earlier by the regular posting of fresh informative content on your blog.  You can build a following of readers and targeted users that will understand who you are and what you stand for.

Inform your customers

Your blog can build your market if you produce or sell products.  You can get potential customers to understand your services and that you can solve the problems that they might have.  Case stories is a excellent way of promoting your products/services and how that has influenced your clients.

Communication is king

You can build a community with your blog.  Keep the lines of communication between your business and your customers open.  With a customer service blog it allows the flow of conversation to travel to your business as well as your clients.  This can also alert you to developing issues.

Website Rankings

Blogging can increase your website ranking. You can generate regular keyword rich content.  This will attract search engines if you use relevant keywords in your post titles, tags and content.  Link to other websites or blogs that you are referencing in your blog posts.  You can also use keywords in these links to push up your rankings on the search engines.