There’s more than 110 million blogs online at the moment being tracked by Technorati and it is growing rapidly.  What will make your blog stand out from the crowd? If you have been reading a couple of popular blogs, you might have noticed that the writing style and format for blog marketing is different from any other type of writing.  Blogging uses a more conversational style and is usually informal.

Blog postings should have a single main idea and objective.  To get the user’s attention!  It has been proven that blog readers don’t want to spend reading pages and pages of non informative content, but rather short postings that is easily scanned and quick to read.  Don’t forget that unique quality content is the key here.

Find below a couple of tips to help you with the writing of your blog postings.

Keep your content fresh

Informative and original content is what will keep your readers coming back for more.  Never be afraid to give opinions, tips and commentary.  Not everyone has the same view-point so this is an excellent way to start the conversation.

Avoid creating super long and boring posts

A typical blog posting should be about 300 words.  The longer the post goes, the more people skim.

Short paragraphs

Write in short sentences that are broken up into short paragraphs.  Your writing should be broken into easily digestible chunks.  About 50 words per paragraph is easy to read, while a 250 word block of text can look overwhelming.  This also depends on the theme layout of your blog.  If you use a narrow content section, use less words.  If your content section is big, use more.

Design for scan

Usually blog readers wants to scan down of the blog post and get the overview before reading the whole post.  The main points should stand out in sub headlines, lists, images, colors, italics and indented text.

Use easy to read fonts

Never choose an unusual font for your blog postings that makes it difficult to read.  Once again, if your visitors find it difficult to read your content, why bother reading it at all, after all as I said in the beginning of this post “There is more than 110 million blogs”.  Visitors to your blog that finds your content hard to read and scan will most likely never visit it again.

Edit your work

Many of the well-known blogging systems out there has the ability so that you can save drafts.  This way you can quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas and save it in the draft section.  Later you can edit the draft you have saved to make your points clear and concise.

Blogging aka “blog marketing” is another form of social media as it creates direct conversation with your readers.  If no one visits and participates on your blog, what is the reason for having one at all?

By following and keeping to good blog writing, you are establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.  Blogging is all about building your reputation and increasing your visibility.

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