Launching a website for your business is a stressful and meticulous process. There is so much to consider from web design to functionality, links and spelling mistakes. It is vitally important your website is 100% before the launch, as this will be the most prominent feature of your online marketing.

It is a good idea to formulate a plan in the same you would for any major undertaking and creating a comprehensive checklist is a brilliant way to make sure your website is flawless before you launch.

Components of a well-designed website

  • Content. Spelling and grammar errors will make your business appear unprofessional and sloppy, remember, this will be the first stop in your digital marketing campaign, so ensure all page content is triple checked for utmost perfection. Also be aware of other content such as videos and images.
  • Your website needs to be compatible with all user browsers, both old and new. Responsive websites should be checked across all devices to be sure they look good on smartphones, tablets and laptops across the board.
  • This will have a dramatic impact on the amount of traffic you receive as well the reactions that come from potential clients viewing your web page. Speed and convenience are the currency of the 21st century so ensure your load time is optimised, your links are working, your icons are functioning and your automatic responses are in place for optimal user-friendliness.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Everyone wants their website to come out tops on search engine results, so always have this phrase in mind. Check your metadata, tags and XML sitemap.
  • Prevent data loss by making sure all your security and backups are in place. Store your passwords in a secure place, have 24/7 monitoring scripts installed and keep a copy of the final website for backup purposes.
  • Be 100% certain your website complies with all applicable laws and regulations before you put it on the net. Find out about cookies, usage rights and terms and privacy policies.
  • Making sure your website is set up to capture data and analytics will provide you with valuable information on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy going forward. Insert analytics codes on your website and sync your Google Analytics accounts. Also create proper funnels and goals in your analytics software if this is applicable to your site.

At WSI OMS, our team of qualified experts understand what it takes to create and launch a successful website. We are able to design a digital marketing strategy to suit the individual needs of your business and we guarantee the best results. For expert web design, mobile marketing, social media marketing and more, contact us today.

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