Email marketing is still the top-performing marketing channel, ten years on. With the best ROI of any marketing tactic, it’s here to stay. One of the reasons for its success, is its ability to engage, connect and evolve, in a fast-paced digital world. Marketers now have the capability to use email to get personal by using the data available on subscribers. Hyper-targeted campaigns based on gender, location, income group, etc. are being used with enormous success – no more one-off campaigns and mass email methodologies. The ability to send the right message at the right time is possible, producing meaningful interactions that drive good results.

So what does the future hold for email marketing? Here are five trends we’re likely to see in the next year or so:

  1. A second coming of age

Social media overtook email marketing for a while, but now has become a driving force behind content. It has become central to mobile strategies, since reading email on a smart phone is the number 1 activity. More responsive email design will boost conversion rates. Being the top source of data for analytics, email marketing is once again becoming a very powerful tool.

  1. Gmail will add style support to their webmail clients

20% of Gmail users access their accounts via webmail, which currently offers no support for Cascading Style Sheets, which results in broken emails.

  1. Hyper-targeted emails will become the norm

Email automation tools that allow for personal messages for customers based on their behaviour, are set to become more useful, with more integration with apps and products. More messages with the right content at the right time, exactly what customers want.

  1. Coding HTML emails is over

Email design is likely to become a lot simpler, with powerful drop-and-drag technology, allowing marketers to create professional email campaigns that deliver results. Mobile-responsive templates designed for business use, will allow for email marketing campaigns that are relevant, personal and beautiful.

  1. Watch out for kinetic email

True user interactivity and powerful animations will allow marketers to create eye-catching campaigns that stand out of an inbox. Brand experiences are set to become a lot more interactive, which in turn, will create a great psychological impact leading to increased engagement.

Email marketing is getting smarter, more personal, flexible and engaging every day. Make sure your campaign is keeping up with the trends to maximise your returns. Contact us if you’d like to chat about email marketing, website design or any other aspect of digital marketing.

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