While you were still nurturing your business through its infancy, handling your copywriting needs yourself was indeed the sensible thing to do. Money was tight, your turnover was small, and to grow your business into a successful enterprise required that every possible cent was channelled back into generating profit.

Now, however, you have established yourself, and like every other facet of your business, your marketing strategy has to evolve.

You may be wondering why outsourcing copywriting expertise provided by a company like WSI OMS is suddenly so important. Well, there are a number of reasons that, like doing it yourself in the beginning, just makes sense.

Firstly, because consumers now have access to a much larger market, stating what your business does and listing a few benefits is not enough to motivate a purchase anymore. If a consumer is going to pick you over one of your competitors, your company’s advertising campaigns must appeal to who they are and not just to what they need. It is therefore of vital importance that you get someone who understands the intricacies of marketing to help you build a strong, clear and appropriate brand identity.

This leads us to our second point. Coherence is key. By this we mean that once you have established a brand identity that appeals to your target market, you have to make sure that all you marketing content promotes your chosen brand narrative. However, whilst an amateur’s first instinct would be to hold onto the most superficial aspects of your brand identity for dear life in order to keep things ‘consistent’, a professional copywriter understands that you can actually tap into a much larger market simply by highlighting different things that makes your brand unique.

The third reason for hiring a professional is that, as a successful business owner, you obviously have much better things to do with your time than sweat over one sentence.

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