Specialised copywriters find that they are recommended far more than general ones. Why? Because they are remembered for their niche! The specialists have lots of hooks in his memory, and information with lots of hooks is the kind that gets recalled.

How do you get your name remembered?

If you want people to remember you when they need copywriting services, you have to be able to describe what you do in two or three core concepts.  This is known as schemas — concepts with loads of implicit meaning in them.

(Copywriter is a schema. It incorporates the ideas of being paid to write for a commercial aim and gain, with the goal of using words to promote and persuade. That’s a lot of meaning in one word!). If you’re a copywriter, you need an additional concept that will differentiate you from all the others. That differentiator can be:

Who you serve: This would describe your defined target market

How you work: Your ethos and methodology – this reflects your core values

Your unique flavor: Your own personal flair and signature makes you unique and thus a trigger to be remembered by

Your values: This gives your client a good idea of how you operate and what to expect.  It is closely connected to how you work.

Realistically all of these pointers are mere facets of a larger picture which ultimately defines you as a copywriter. You can get this wrong by offering too many ideas. Simple sticks and complicated gets forgotten. Remember K.I.S.S!

Choose something that is truly representative of who you are. It needs to resonate with you so that you can live it and believe in it. People will learn more about the specifics when they get to know you, but in order to get to know you they have to remember you!

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