In the world of social media, Twitter is one of the most widely used and influential platforms. This micro-blogging site has made many people famous (and it’s also sunk quite a few big brands). While some people and brands use Twitter to leverage their personalities and online communities, many Twitter accounts never really gain traction. One could argue that they’re just not good at tweeting. So, what makes a good tweet?

Here are a few pointers as to what the most successful people on Twitter do to gain a huge following and lots of engagement from their followers:


This sounds obvious, but many people hop onto Twitter and post whatever they want without listening to what their target audience is saying. Search Twitter, follow hashtags and read conversations before you start adding your two cents.

Be yourself

Many people outsource their Twitter updates – both personal accounts as well as corporate ones. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a social media manager, you’ve got to make sure this person is adding their own (qualified) opinions and insights to a conversation. Simply retweeting or – even worse – copy and pasting tweets simply won’t cut it. You need to be a personality, not just a company or a brand.

Give credit where credit is due

It’s no secret that you need to follow and engage with thought leaders and other key players in your industry. Don’t let your Twitter stream become a one-sided stream of your own thoughts and opinions – include relevant Twitter handles if you want to draw attention to another tweeter’s blog post or tweet (or even if you simply want them to read something you’ve posted on Twitter).

Add content to your social media pages on a regularly-scheduled basis

  • Managing your online reputation and monitoring what’s being said about you
  • Track and capitalise on traffic and visitor trends
  • Encouraging social media visitors to interact, tag and share your online content

We understand that social media can be overwhelming for a lot of people, and companies may be fearful to get started because it seems confusing and messy. But we live in a digital era and if you don’t have social media pages you are most certainly losing out on business and customers. Let us help you create a social media strategy that works for you.

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