On your other internet marketing and traditional marketing campaigns, are you linking to your social media accounts? If you are like most small businesses, the answer is most likely no. When you are not linking to your social media profiles, you are making a big mistake. Why? Linking to your profiles builds and expands your social authority on the social web, and it helps your search engine optimization strategy expanding its reach.

How does social authority work? The same way that there is a link graph that Google uses to determine your authority on the web, there is a social graph that does the same on the social web. On the social graph you will find all the social media channels that you are using online. These channels includes your blog, website, and all the social networks that you are using such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

When you connect all the social media channels that you are active on to your website and blog, then you are telling the search engines and the visitors to your profile that you are using social media expanding the chance that they will join your online network. This is also a great way for online reputation management, building authority online, and brand building. Ultimately it builds trust, and this can help you achieve your business goals.

Using social media with search engine optimization

If you take advantage of author authority on your blog and website by including the “rel=me” tag in your links, you are basically telling Google that you are the author of the content. Google uses this information to connect your profile everywhere on the web where your name appears with that tag and assigns authority to your profile/name. This will help your content become more searchable, more rankable for organic results, and more trustable.