Digital marketing creates a lot of online customer engagement, resulting in extensive customer data that can be used for strategic decision-making in your business. Customer engagement is, however, only sustainable if the conversations with your audience are relevant to them. 

It makes a huge difference when you are able to give the right message, to the right person, at the right time and place. While this may sound simple enough, it can be tough to get right. When you are having conversations across so many different channels, you will quickly realize that you have opportunities on mobile, social media, through your website as well as your call centre. 

Customers are looking for an experience that ensures regardless of on which platform (where) they are interacting with you, you need to know everything about them. They expect you to know that they were just on your website and are now calling the customer helpdesk about a specific problem.

Most of us have had some kind of disastrous encounter with a call centre, where you explain your problem to one person, only to get put through to the next person (where you have to explain the problem yet again). It’s bad enough when this happens on one channel, but when it happens across multiple channels, the effects can be harmful.

This is the type of problem that data-driven marketing promises to solve. With the proliferation of data, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, we have more information on customers than ever before. We are now at the tip where the opportunities of what we can do to create better customer experiences will explode.

Let Us Support You to Create Sustainable and Relevant Customer Conversations 

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