Every visitor to your website or blog will have a look at what you offer from their own view of the world.  Their personality type is quite an important factor in how they interpret your message. Each personality type will ask different questions and require different types and amounts of information before they decide to buy or take an action.

The personality of your website plays a big role in online marketing

There are four personality categories that you should look for.


Analytical people always prefers to focus on “how” questions.  These are the detailed oriented engineering types.  They want to know how things work.  To analytical people, knowledge is power.  They will want to read and research, look at the technical specification and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each features.  They want the details.


These people live life to have some fun.  They are frequently extroverts and a life of party. They focus on “why” questions.  They look for energy and want to experience life.  They are also easily bored with too much information and prefer to make quick decisions.  They are also usually competitive. They tend to dislike abstract ideas and prefer specific and practical solutions.  Appeal to their five senses to get their attention.  Create interactive environments on your website or blog with video or other social means.

Rules driven

These are the people that are more practical and dependable customers.  Once they are comfortable with a product or service, they resist change.  They have a firm opinion on right and wrong.  They are usually quiet and conservative.  They also prefer to focus on the “what” questions.  They like the details and turn into loyal repeat buyers.  They also prefer order and organization.  This group are not risk takers so guarantees and other trust elements are important to them.


Sociable people are sensitive, caring and also nurturing.  They prefer to focus on “who” questions.  They are great communicators.  How will the product affect their life and make things easier for them? Turn off by too much technical information.  They just want it to work.  They seek peace and harmony.  They will make decisions frequently based on feelings rather than facts.

The nature of the products and services that you offer will attract different types of visitors. Understand the personalities of your ideal target customers.  The sales pitch for your website should be tailored to your ideal visitor. Create multiple paths or information buttons on your website to appeal to each personality type.

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