Web 2.0, social networking, blogs, forums, wikis, videos, photo sharing or any other type of social media share common characteristics and elements. The Social Media Marketing (SMM) phenomena is quite different from traditional media marketing and website advertising.

You can find millions of conversations happening every day through various social media channels. This is all done by a highly involved audience that engages and interacts around focused topics.

Why Social Media is important


Social Media is all about interactive conversations. Traditional media usually broadcasts a message to hear and not responded to. This has changed drastically from an advertising message to service and product discussions. Consumers today want to respond, discuss and give their own opinions and not just marketed to.

Share information

Social Media is a great way to share information, stories, opinions, videos and photos. This is the norm in Social Media and it should be done with openness. There is easy access to online content where password protected content is the norm. The interactive nature of social media encourages participation, feedback and publishing.

It is active

Social Media Marketing is active and you are no longer just a reader without the authority to participate in the discussion. When people ask for help, other will chime in. “I’m working on a project and I’m stuck at this point…” The separation between reader and writer is gone.

Online communities

Social communities can be found on all sorts of social media forms around common needs and interests. People participate and form these virtual online communities around occupational interests, hobbies, political beliefs or philosophies.


It is quite easy to build upon or recycle conversations and content. Always link to other websites, people and resources to make the access of information faster.

Build trust

People participate and interact because of the trust level that comes with social media. Open and honest communication is at the core of social media and with this comes trust and confidence in what is being said and broadcasted over the web.


Content generated by other users makes it possible for the average person to join and participate. It is really easy to share, publish and create original content and videos. This is quite different from the days of traditional media and marketing where only a few provided what we read and watched.

Social Media in all it’s forms is here to stay for a long time and it’s important that your business takes part in this phenomena. Don’t be left behind when your competitors are already using it to broadcast their message and increase their brand exposure with Social Media.