Content marketing and inbound marketing are often terms used interchangeably amongst marketers. Neither method is better than the other, and both approaches, when used together, can create fantastic results. In this blog, we go into detail below to examine the differences between them:

Content marketing

Content marketing provides valuable information that will attract and retain customers through social media, Search Engine Optimisation, and PPC. Here are some reasons why businesses should focus on content marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy:

  • Almost 30% of all internet users use ad blockers, which means that your organic and paid content needs to be specific and target your audience to be effective. 
  • Content marketing drives six times higher conversion rates.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less compared to traditional marketing plans, while the return is almost three times as high.

Inbound marketing 

Inbound marketing refers to the methods used to convert customers by using content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and branding. This methodology is applied in three ways:

  • Attract: Draw in the target audience with content that establishes you as trustworthy. 
  • Engage: The goal of inbound marketing is to convert visitors into customers by using tools like landing pages, calls to action, etc.  
  • Delight: Support your customers that have purchased to retain them. 

There is tremendous value when combining inbound and content marketing tactics. Inbound marketing is needed because it will make your website great by using methods to compel visitors to take action and convert into customers. Meanwhile, content marketing will make your site attractive to visitors and provide valuable content that optimises SEO for better ranking. By using both, your brand is more likely to succeed online. 

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