Facebook and Twitter

These two Social Media sites are undoubtedly the two largest and most popular of all the social sites, but which is better for social media marketing?

According to a recent study conducted by Irbtrax, there are advantages to both platforms for social media marketing, and much depends on the particular business application or niche.

The first category of the study was focused on Traffic and User metrics with results as follows:

■Facebook US and Global traffic ranking: 2

■7 day Average daily time on Site by Users: 32.2 minutes

■Twitter US and Global traffic ranking: 12

■7 day Average daily time on Site by Users: 7.8 minutes

Facebook came out ahead of Twitter in this category due to its size, traffic volume and metrics such as time spent on the site.

The second category was a comparison of Facebook and Twitter

Measured as an online destination for the B2C (Business to Consumer) market. Again, Facebook was the winner since its format allows for inclusion of photos, detailed information, multiple outbound links, videos, and other B2C applications.

Facebook also facilitates an entrepreneur building a large network of followers in a short time to help market a product.

In the third category which was B2B, (Business to Business)

Twitter was determined to have the advantage over Facebook because based on the results of the study, Twitter furnished more flexibility in Viral Marketing while requiring fewer followers. Popular industry related Tweets are retweeted to create a domino effect even if you don’t have a lot of followers.

Market research benefits were the focus of the fourth category in the study.

Twitter came out on top here because you can use its search features to monitor what people are saying about your company, service, product and even your competition.

Twitter is also effective for tracking the rise and fall of trends.

The fifth category looked at Internal Viral Marketing benefits.

Here, Facebook was number one due to its ease of building a large following and the Facebook Wall being much more interactive than Twitter’s means of internal communications.

The sixth category focused on comparison of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to External Viral Marketing.

Twitter ranked above Facebook in this category because it has a greater external internet reach.

Lastly, the seventh category compared each platform for using direct internet communication.

Facebook prevailed over Twitter in this category because of its instant message feature. So, what it all boils down to is that each of these social media marketing tools performs better in certain ways than the other, and therefore you probably should use both as part of your social media marketing efforts

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