Social media marketing is the process of marketing your website through social media channels.  It is a very powerful strategy that will get you backlinks and massive amounts of traffic to your website. Social Media could mean many things to us especially if one is not familiar with the term.

Social media could be looked at in the following categories:

Social Media Advertising

Using paid text or banner ads on sites like Facebook. These ads allow you to target your market based on their demographics.

Social Media Bookmarking

Social media websites like “Digg” and “Stumbleupon” provide users with the ability to tag websites that they like or recommend. Social Bookmarking supports your search engine linking strategy.

Social Media Optimization

Upload your videos to Youtube and optimize them using product related keywords and you stand the chance of getting on Google’s first page for your related keywords. By posting optimized content on websites like “Craigslist” & “Yahoo Answers” one can get ranked for related keywords in a short space of time.

Social Media Networking

Many business owners attend regular networking meetings where the objective is to meet other business owners with the objective of doing business with each other. Social media websites like “LinkedIn” provide professionals with a way to establish relationships online where one can build credibility and introduce their products and services in an educational manner.

Here is a couple of reasons why you should consider Social Media Marketing for your business:

  • It is natural (Your website will be displayed to a large number of people in a natural way.)
  • It is defensible (Social communities can be a great source to obtain website traffic.)
  • Low cost (Costs are only limited to the time you spent on marketing your business through social media channels.  The ROI will often  exceed the time spent on it.)
  • It complements other efforts (Social media marketing is usually category specific. It doesn’t interfere with any other methods of getting traffic to your website.)

Source: Make sure your company is visible on Google with Search Engine Optimization