SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting is a technique where copywriting professionals write quality content that contains keywords in such a way that it is ranked highly by search engines. Targeted terms may be in the body of the text, taglines, keyword tags, headings and main title. When these terms match the criteria of the search engine, your article ranks at the top, when those criteria change, so will your ranking.

4 tips for successful SEO copywriting 

1. Research your keywords

Rather than guess at what potential readers might type in, make use of the many free online tools to research potential keywords. Once you know exactly what people are typing in and looking for, you can tailor your work to their needs.

2. Do not overdo it

Too many keyword repetitions look like a hard sell rather than useful information, annoying the reader and causing them to leave your page. Plan to mention your keyword once in the title, first paragraph, site SEO content, and at the end of your article.

3. Quality

Although you are writing to optimise your search engine ranking, it is still very important that the content still flows naturally and is easy to read. There is no point in providing masses of targeted terms to rank your article at the top when no one is going to be able to get anything useful from it.

4. Readability

Use colours in your text and background sparingly, and try to keep it clean and simple. Bright or pale colour combinations can make your text blend into the background, straining the eyes of your reader. If in doubt, stick to black and white. Using bullets or lists also helps to break up your content, making it easier to absorb.

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