Remarketing is still a fairly new concept in the world of digital marketing. The best way to describe what it is, is by an example:

If you go to an online store or website to do research about a product you’re interested in, you will see pictures and product descriptions on the page. After you’ve done your research, you might go and check your email, browse the web and go about your daily online routine. Suddenly you see the same product photos pop up in paid advertising space – that’s remarketing.

So, how do companies get this right? Many times, it’s the product of a clever internet marketing campaign which uses Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing (GDR) feature. This feature was launched in July 2013 and has helped many online stores and ecommerce websites take their businesses to the next level.

In order to start using this feature, you will need to link your Google Adwords account to your Google Merchant account. After this, you need to invest in some catchy copywriting so that your headlines and product photos really stand out.

The reason why Google’s Dynamic Remarketing feature works so well is because it targets people in a tactical way. People who have already shown interest in your product and know what you’ve got to offer. You can also use this tool to up-sell and cross-sell products online.

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