Persuasive copywriting is a technique used to convince people to buy your product or service and not somebody else’s. There is a lot of online marketing happening and many websites selling the same products or services and many of them are saying the same things. The goal of persuasive copywriting is to set your product or service apart from the rest and make it seem exclusive.

Copywriting is not simply writing about a product or service. It is used to sell a product or service using only words, which is a specialised skill. Good copywriters know how to write for a selected target audience and take into account the emotional needs of that group when choosing the appropriate wording and language.

Persuasive copywriting techniques

It is not an easy task to market your product or service in a unique and different way. Below are a few persuasive copywriting techniques you can make use of.

  • Give your readers an offer they cannot refuse: You can be certain that there are many other websites selling the same product or service. Give your readers compelling reasons why they should purchase from you and not somebody else.
  • Over-deliver on your offer: This is achieved by offering value added bonuses together with your product or service. This increases the overall value of your product or service thus making it more attractive than your competition’s.
  • Create a strong urgency in your copy: People hate missing out on opportunities to get their hands on something exclusive. Copywriting that includes a message that makes your product seem scarce and exclusive is a great way to trigger these emotions in people.
  • Be careful: Remember to stick to the facts as much as possible. People can pick up when you’re being dishonest.
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