Kickstarter is an interactive, online platform-website which consistently generates funding, momentum and exposure for your innovative creative projects. Kickstarter opens your creative concepts to inspired financial backers who will support you in bringing your creative projects to life.

Ultimately Kickstarter allows your inspired, creative projects to acquire the necessary financial support and exposure they need to grow and materialise into tangible success.

Approaching your project launch on Kickstarter

First just choose your project category. This is a breeze due to the category list being absolutely endless. The next step is giving your creative project a title, image and video (+-3 mins), as these ultimately display the image of your creative project. These three criteria are vital to clearly and convincingly conveying your vision to backers.

Include the minimum funding figure you require for your project and set a deadline for this funding (up to 60 days). Displaying project rewards for your backers is essential. Project rewards are the benefits your backers will receive from you throughout the duration of your project development; they add value to your project, entice interest from your backers and allow you to actively engage with your backers throughout the duration of your project. Your backers are the online community which drives your project. This is where you require skills in community management.

Backers’ pledges to your project are processed through Amazon and will only reach you once your minimum funding has been achieved. If the minimum funding isn’t acquired, backers’ pledges are automatically transferred back to them.

Kickstarter also facilitates project updates. Updates on Kickstarter are crucial in allowing your backers to engage with you and remain involved your project development. This builds a vibrant, strong relationship between you and your backers and stimulates a positive reputation surrounding your project development.

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