In today’s digital world, data is the new way of maximising marketing strategies when targeting customers. Data-driven marketing focuses on customer experience and value through link building.

Defining data-driven marketing

This is using customer information to combine and enhance marketing efforts. The first process in digital marketing is observation and measurement, and then insights and actions. When implemented well, data-driven marketing transforms and improves search engine optimisation.

Where does data come from?

Digital marketing uses information from multiple sources. Some of them are:

  • Online surveys
  • Sales transactions
  • Customer feedback

Advantages of data-driven marketing

  • Used to drive efficiency in marketing organisations when linking with consumers
  • Transforms the language marketers use when interacting with customers
  • Helps in creating systems that protect customer data services
  • Helps to create content that is relevant and valuable to subscribers
  • Improves customer interactions through innovations such as social media marketing apps

The future of data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is important when attracting customers. It helps to identify customer preferences and needs. The following is the future of data-driven marketing:

  • Data-driven personalisation

In the future, there will be data personalisation to suit customers’ needs. This will involve personalising customer service, customer renewal and retention. The reason for this is very simple. Marketing departments now know that customers expect personalised features catering to their specific needs. This personalisation will range from knowing a customer’s last purchase, to having information on how long she has been a customer. This will then lead to the creation of website deigns that meet those expectations.

  • Actionable analytics

Analytics are important in marketing. This is a systematic analysis of data. Digital marketing enhances and makes it actionable and valuable. It helps marketers to create and improve goals like increasing conversion rates and email open rates, among others. In addition, analytics leads marketing departments to act on goals.

  • Automation

Taking risks is necessary marketing products and services. But 50% of marketers are afraid of dealing with high budget campaigns. Automation of data-driven marketing will address this fear and remove stress. It will take over some of the decisions faced when deciding on a high budget content marketing campaign, and its relevance to millions of potential customers.

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