A “sticky website” refers to a website that keeps visitors engaged for longer periods of time and interests them enough to return to the website often. Good web design should serve this purpose.  The aim of a sticky website is to get visitors to become customers by including relevant features on your site and creating an interesting navigation path that will keep them intrigued.

Five tips to design a sticky website

  • Intelligent copy and news: Your web design can be terrific – but if the content is poor, people won’t hang around. If you want to keep website visitors engaged, you should have news articles, blogs and press releases. The website’s copy should also be informal and fun to read.
  • Interactivity: Make sure your website visitors have stuff to do on your site. If visitors can comment, compete, get quotes or take part in polls, they will feel like their opinion matters to you. Establish a more personal relationship between the visitor and your website by showing them that other people are also engaging with you on the site.
  • Keeping it current: Visitors will be drawn to your website if you keep it current. Be involved in your website and update the information as often as possible. When setting up the initial web design, make sure that new content can be added regularly. Also remember to respond to comments and posts that are left on your website – if you get a conversation going, people will come back to see what’s going on.
  • Subscribing options: If you have communication that the visitor can subscribe to – such as newsletters or RSS Feeds, put the relevant icons in an obvious place on the home page. This is a great way of staying connected with website visitors and it offers a number of communication opportunities.
  • Social media: Your web design can include links to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn network and other social media sites. Many of your website visitors will already have profiles on these networks, which will give you another opportunity to keep them updated with relevant information.
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