In a previous article I wrote I explained “What is search engine visibility” by analysing the Enviro and MarketingSherpa B2B Report 2009.   In the same report we can study what people are looking for on the internet when doing a search on popular search engines.

The study revealed that people who use search engines are looking for the following information in order of importance:

  • Easily found prices
  • Download info
  • Product info
  • Product comparisons
  • Your company’s approach to business
  • Technical papers
  • Knowledge base
  • General information about your product
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Multimedia like video on your product
  • Information about your company
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

From this list it is easy to see what the “secret” is. It is “CONTENT”. I am sure you’ve all heard of the phrase “content is king”. Well since the inception of the Internet, content is what we have all been looking for. It has stood the test of time, while many of us try to keep up with Google’s ever changing algorithms.

Once we find out that content is all we need to achieve search engine visibility, we see many business owners get excited about participating in their website marketing with great results.

The best way to get a return on your website investment is to create an asset out of your website. This is achieved by adding content to your website on a regular basis. This strategy is called “Content Marketing”. By adding content pages you increase your chances of ranking for “long tail” keyword phrases. These are phrases of 3 or more words that often result in highly focused and targeted search results.

Source: Make sure your company is visible on Google with Search Engine Optimization

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