If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably seen the new Facebook Timeline format by now. The new scrapbooking-like format got many people wondering: how will this new layout change the way people view your business’ Page?

EyeTrackShop recently did a webcam eye-tracking study (the study was commissioned by Mashable) to see how Facebook users viewed brand pages. The study compared the old Facebook profile page to the new Timeline and the Facebook pages of brand leaders such as Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, PlayStation, Skittles, Red Bull, Pringles and Converse were studied. Here are the results:

  • Staring at the Wall: Facebook users spend more time looking at the wall than any other element on the page. This means you have to make sure you’re posting good, relevant content on your Facebook Wall.
  • Pictures on your Wall will get more attention: During the time of the study, PlayStation’s Facebook page had the most pictures on its wall and it was the page that Facebook visitors spent the most time on.
  • People might ignore your profile picture: If your brand’s Facebook photo has a picture of faces, it will get more attention. On Coca-Cola’s page for instance (which has a picture of a glass Coke bottle), only 57% of the page visitors even noticed the profile picture.

Will the Facebook timeline affect the Page functionality?

A lot of people have been complaining about the new Facebook Timeline (which is understandable because personal users don’t always like to change the way they use websites), but Clint Farlick, VP of client services at Boston Based social media agency Pandemic Labs, brought up a few important points regarding potential drawbacks:

“There will be several drawbacks regarding brands that currently have Like Gates, Tabs, and other apps installed–Timeline will affect the way these currently function. Another drawback would be that customers who are used to the way brand pages look now may not like the new Timeline on the page,” said Farlick in an article on InformationWeek.

One of the benefits of applying the new Facebook Timeline is the fact that your users will be able to scroll through your brand’s history in chronological order. Whether you decide to implement the new Facebook Timeline or not, remember that the most important thing to consider is whether it will help you engage with your target audience, so make sure your information, content and photos are easily accessible.

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