Do you know how to create an email marketing campaign that works effectively for Gmail users? It is no secret that Google’s Gmail has undergone a number of changes over the past few months and the introduction of their new email app, Inbox by Gmail, has created a stir. Gmail Inbox is not a replacement for the existing email app – it is something entirely new. You can only access this service via Chrome, iOS and Android apps.

Below are a few features and functions of the new app which could help with your marketing campaign:

  • Bundles are present for grouping emails according to strategies. Users can also create their own bundles for ease of reference. The existing bundles or categories include: travel, purchases, finance, social, updates, forums and promos.
  • Emails and reminders can be easily created and set with the convenience of being able to quickly interact with the people you do the most, from the bottom of the screen.
  • Users can pin emails to the top of their list as a priority, to take action later. These emails will be pinned until action has been taken. This is ideal if your client finds your email of interest, but doesn’t have immediate time to respond.
  • Snooze option allows users to delay action on emails and reminders without having to cancel them. These emails can be moved down from the top of your list for a certain period of time.
  • Visual previews of the emails in the inbox make for a better digital experience for users. The previews show in what is called a highlight, which features information from the email such as images, information, subject line and pre-header text. This can be used to engage with your audience effectively.

Email marketers must be careful to use mobile friendly design elements to ensure that Inbox mobile app users can easily interact with your content. Make sure you have a Google+ page linked to your account so the app can link your official Google+ profile image with your email. Without linking the page, your email will be displayed with the first letter of your name.

Email marketing solutions offered by WSI OMS

At WSI OMS we understand how important it is for you to launch an effective email marketing campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy. We can piece together quality content and ensure your email campaign is geared towards mobile friendly display as well.

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