In order to optimise your digital marketing strategy, it is important to remember that everything these days is geared towards search engine optimisation. Search engines such as Google possess certain guidelines that help determine the quality of specific websites which directly influence your search engine rankings and thus the amount of traffic to your website.

Google makes use of human “raters” (also known as search quality evaluators) who follow a handbook of guidelines to assist Google in determining what the quality of a particular website is. These “raters’’ assist with tweaking algorithms and typical criteria includes the trustworthiness of a particular site as well as the quality and usefulness of the information shared. They also look at whether or not a particular site has been optimised for successful SEO rankings.

Get better quality ratings

In order for your site to get a better quality rating, it is important you shift your focus to content. Content marketing can dramatically increase your rankings as well as web traffic, so make sure the information you put out on your website as well as your social media networks is relevant and informative.

The latest version of the Google rating handbook has shown a shift in focus to expertise and the quality of the information being shared on a specific site in order to determine its authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Companies should also be aware of sticking to SEO guidelines as these go hand in hand with quality ratings. By following the SEO Starter guide offered by Google, your website will be well equipped with all the basic tools required to increase search engine visibility and web traffic.

Enlisting in the professional web design services of a company like WSI OMS will go a long way in helping your business reap a world of benefits from digital marketing platforms as well as help you expand your social media marketing strategy to get top quality rankings according to the latest Google quality ratings. Contact us today.

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