Let us be clear. Yes, in this blog you’ll find copywriting tips that, if followed, can improve the quality of your copy. But what needs to be remembered is that writing is essentially a talent, something you’re born with, and copywriting is no different.

In other words, if you are currently in the process of launching an online marketing campaign and you’re thinking of writing all the copy needed yourself – even though you haven’t really written anything like this before – you will probably discover that writing effective copy takes a lot more than knowing what you want to say and a can-do-kind-of attitude.

If you’re already feeling discouraged, rather get professional copywriters like WSI OMS to help you. If not, read on and ask yourself if you are truly able to do the following:

  1. You must be able to make people feel something. Good copy addresses a familiar feeling the reader has and so establishes an emotional connection between the reader and the brand or product. If you are selling a product or service that aims to make people’s lives easier, address the frustration they experience without it. If you are selling something that falls into the leisure market, on the other hand, recall good times shared with friends and link it to that.
  2. Good copy that works speaks about the things that really matter to buyers. Contrary to popular belief, these things are not low prices and exceptional savings, because people are prepared to pay more if the product or service is worth it. What is more valuable to buyers than a good price is their time, troubles and objectives. You have to show them that what you’re selling will save them time, make life easier and help them to achieve what they hope to achieve.

If you can do this, you can write copy that will sell what you’re selling. If not, rather contact us because these are the copywriting guidelines we follow.

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