The success of a digital marketing campaign can be gauged and measured in several ways:

  • Some traditional (such as sales),
  • Some purely digital.

One of the methods is the collection of data from Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).


Audience data collection

DSPs are increasingly required in online advertising to manage multiple ad accounts and ad exchanges in the way a traditional advertising network would. These platforms often collate complex and changeable online data on:

  • What works and what doesn’t,
  • How users respond to different kinds of ads on different platforms,
  • Where to focus ad campaigns, and
  • How to focus ad campaigns.


Simply put, a DSP will allow the manager of an online marketing campaign to see how much click-through to your site that expensive banner ad is actually getting you and automate bidding for online ad space. DSPs can not only help you to utilise data-driven metrics to design and focus online marketing campaigns for maximum ROI according to response and demand, they also automate that process.


Audience match rates 

One of the most important metrics used by DSPs is ‘audience match rate’. It is a metric based on user information collected through data onboarding, i.e. cookies that track user browsing behaviour. Using data onboarding, DSPs can define the percentage of users within the target market segment that your ads reach and get a response from: the ‘audience match rate’. A high match rate means you are targeting the right segment.


Why audience match rates matter

Audience match rates help to take the guesswork out of the design and management of online marketing campaigns. They help you to understand and target your market. They provide invaluable data sets that ultimately guide you or your ad campaign manager as to how to focus the various aspects of paid and organic digital marketing efforts.


Audience match rate metrics are as essential to successful digital marketing as up-to-date cross-platform functional website design, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and link building.


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