As it is the beginning of a new year, it seems like a great time to take a look into our website design crystal ball and predict what will be the hot trends for 2014!

Our list of web design trends for 2014:

  • Flat Design

This is probably the popular trend in website design. The idea here is to embrace the qualities of the 2D look and shed the drop-shadows and heavy textures that try to make websites look more three-dimensional. The use of tiles as opposed to the more classic-looking buttons allows for users with touch screen devices to select the links they want easily – and stylishly.

  • Mix-and-Match Typography

Only some websites have previously succeed in mixing and matching several fonts on a single site or page, but some font styles mix beautifully and web-designers say that this will be a popular way to design in 2014.

  • Single Page

This trend is as simple as it sounds. The idea is to eliminate the uncalled-for clutter that occurs on so many websites. The trend now will be to put all the most relevant content on one page where users can infinitely scroll instead of skipping from page to page.

These days, less is more and this is influencing web designers to cut back on text and design and instead opt for only maximum impact content. The need for more mobile-friendly websites will also continue to grow in 2014, as more and more people surf the web on their tablets and smartphones.

This year, let our team at WSI take the responsibility of creating a website design that best fulfils your needs, leaving you free to focus on your core business goals. Contact us today!

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